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Daddy's Heart Conference

  • Dalton and Patrice Carter Studio 215, 215 Williams Street Fayetteville United States (map)


Dalton and I are SO blessed and excited to host this prolific event! We love God's people and want for each person to experience the fullness of all that God has for them-men, women and youth.

Conference Vision

God our truest Daddy wants to unlock His heart to you and heal your heart in the process. Our vision for this event is to bring healing, hope, reconciliation, peace and joy to men, women and youth.

"Unlocking Your Father's Heart and Setting Your's Free"

How would life change for you if you could truly connect with your Father and know Him as your Daddy?

God truly wants to have a close and intimate relationship with you. He loves you so much and is intimately concerned with every aspect of your life.

  • As a man, what do you need from God as a Dad? As a friend?

  • As a woman, what would you like from God as a Daddy? As a Husband? As a friend?

  • As a young person, what do you need or want from God? Do you feel that He cares for you? Is He reall to you?

This conference is the first of it's kind and is designed to heal the hearts of those whose earthly father's hurt, broke, bruised molested, emotionally shut their hearts off from their daughters and sons.


Childcare is being provided by The Drop Zone, 5945 Cliffdale Road; Owner Kalisha Abercrombie; (910) 758-1055

Click this link to register and pay for childcare: Use Daddy's Heart Drop-In Childcare Link coupon code HEART to receive your conference discount.

Please join us and other dynamic speakers, presenters, vendors for this incredible, inspiring, healing event!


Dalton and Patrice Carter