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Breakpoint:  (noun) A place or time at which an interruption or change is made…

Thank you for considering me to serve as your Christian Life Coach Trainer in this season of your journey!

What sets me apart...I am a Certified Professional Life Coach with over nine years of experience and over 1000 hours of formal, highly successful individual and group coaching. I have coached more than 100 diverse clients in areas ranging from personal, professional, spiritual and more. My approach is a whole-centered, holistic approach and the model I follow is Christ centered. 

In addition, I have successfully certified, equipped, trained and mentored other Christian Life Coaches on learning how to coach and on setting up and launching a successful life coaching practice. 

My mission:

To certify, equip, train and pour all that God has given to me as a Coach and Marketplace Minister to as many as He has assigned to my life.

My vision:

To see the lives of God’s people supernaturally impacted and then Kingdom of God healed, delivered, restored and set free as they encounter the Coaches whose lives He has allowed me to touch.