Speaking Topics

Speaker Topics

*Topics can be customized for your organization/theme


Life After Suicide- On the other side is Hope

Hear Dr. Carter’s gripping account of her battle to overcoming depression and suicide framed around her story, “The Little One”. Learn how, as a prior military spouse and former Army Reservist, she overcame an abusive marriage, low self-esteem and chronic self-doubt and fear to become a thriving, empowered, confident and charismatic, married-to-the-love-of-her life Military Spouse (D.A.V.), Mom, Advocate and Entrepreneur.

Attendees will leave this session moved, inspired and empowered with a clear path to healing, hope and faith that there is life after suicide! 

The Power of Authenticity, Passion and Grace We need to know the power of saying yes to our truest self and then live out this truth in a way that is passionate, bold, authentic and strong so that our personal and professional life mirror and align with who we truly are. 

When we do this- we WILL experience increased self-confidence and self-esteem, improved communications/relationships and phenomenal and explosive success. 

Attendees of this power packed session will learn the four P.O.W.E.R. steps to achieving, thriving and dominating our personal and professional lives! 

Get the Vision: Defining Your Personal Vision Plan! My passion is to motivate, empower and encourage men and women who are working towards self-improvement and higher education by speaking with them and teaching them the importance of a “Personal Vision Plan” and showing them how to define their “Personal Vision Plan”.

The Power of Yes What could you accomplish if you gave yourself permission to say Yes?! What could you avoid if you gave yourself permission to stop saying Yes?! The word “Yes” is a small, yet powerful word. Learn how to harness it and use it to accomplish your goals and change your life!


Business and Professional Speaking Topics*

•   Personal Vision Planning TM (*See description below)

•   I Hate My Boss (Managing Conflict and Professional Relationships)

•   I’m Too Old To Start Over (Starting Over)

•   Can’t We All Just Get Along (Teamwork)

•   Fired: Now What? (Starting Over)

•   Take Your Power Back (Empowered Employees)

•   Change Or Die (Change Management)

•   Performing with Excellence

•   How Much Should I Charge?

•   Faith in the Workplace

•   Who’s In The House? (Maximizing every client)

Faith-Based Workshops

Live Out Loud Seminars

Through my Live Out Loud speaking seminars, I empower men and women to live openly through self-expression and honesty. Seminars involve lectures, group activities and practical tools for becoming your best you!  Some of my more popular topics are listed below:

•   Help Me: I’m Married!

•   Single and SUPERb (Proverbs 31)

•   Dating and Kissing Frogs (Christian Dating)

•   Forgiveness: Once and For All?

•   Mend This Broken Heart (Healing)

•   I Didn’t Ask For This Family (Acceptance)

•   Worship In The Darkness (Praise and Worship)

•   Health and Wellness God’s Way

•   Overcoming Fear and Learning How to Soar!

•   Tapping Into and Understanding the Prophetic Office/Gift

•   Achieving Unity

•   Power through Prayer, Praise and Worship 

Business and Professional Development Workshops-Maximize Clients and Revenue

  • I’m Open For Business Now What?

  • Money Coming Out of Your Ears!

  • 7 Deadliest Sins of Business!

Multimedia Workshop(s)- Dalton and Patrice Carter

•   Do-it-Yourself Webinars and Videos for Busy Professionals (on a budget).

•   Managing a Successful Photography and Videography Business

•   Finances and Business Success for Artists and Creative People







Writers and Authors Workshop

Show You Write! Do’s and Don’ts of Publishing Your Book: Pitfalls to Avoid

Personal and Professional Development Workshop (Individuals or Groups)

8-Weeks to superb! Journey to Excellence

This Workshop is 8 weeks in length or can be used as a Weekend Training Retreat. 8 Week Course/Weekend Intensive). Dr. Carter uses her life changing, Life Coaching Program, developed from her book, SUPERB Woman: From Bad Girl to God’s Girl, for the purpose of enhancing and developing each of her clients. *Includes mini-seminars and weekend retreats.

Going Vegan/Plant-based for Healing and Spiritual Health

This workshop focuses on the beginning aspects of adopting a plant-based lifestyle and includes a Starter Guide (eBook) with recipes, tips and resources as well as a Biblical foundation to help attendees to be passionate, successful and hopeful about their health and wellness.


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