Our partners are so important and we accomplish so much together! Dalton and I are serious about connecting to other powerhouse entrepreneurs whose vision and mission we support! Please scroll down to learn more about each them and please reach out to do business with them today! 

 The Love of my life and visionary behind Carter Multimedia Consulting (Matthew 6:6). 

The Love of my life and visionary behind Carter Multimedia Consulting (Matthew 6:6). 

Dalton Carter, Filmmaker and Director of Photography is the visionary behind many of Dr. Carter's videos as well as a leading Filmmaker. 

As the DP, Dalton’s primary focus is making sure CMC’s vision comes to life.  His combined knowledge of Photography, Film, IT and Military experience spans over 20 years.  Dalton carefully recruits and manages talented production crew members using this experience. His wisdom and imagination fuels his ability to write compelling stories, logistically plan and develop a production and creatively capture eye-catching elements.  Learn more about what inspires Dalton by clicking:  http://cartermediacon.com/cinematographer/

I proudly serve and support the Milspo Project as an Advisory Board Member and fellow Milspopreneur.  Milspo is an amazing group of military spouse entrepreneurs whose goal is to:  empower and educate milspouse entrepreneurs through live leadership events, online educational resources, local chapter meet-ups and more...Learn more about Milspo at http://milspoproject.org/


We are SUPER excited to partner with Pure Elegance Services a multi-faceted special events planning and production firm specializing in  corporate and private event planning led by Rosa Williams.

Rosa has a two fold vision that encompasses incredible event planning coordination and epic event services. In addition, she is also the mogul behind Pure Elegance Janitorial Services. Now, you wouldn't think that these two businesses are related, but have you ever been to the after the after party clean up! Rosa has you covered! Providing professional residential and commercial cleanings.

You now have a team ready, willing and able to plan amazing events, subcontract your events to if you are an Event Planner who is growing fast and needs expert help and and then provide crew to clean up your amazing events, homes or offices! 

Find out more at:  

Contact Rosa Williams, Owner, Pure Elegance Services at (910)808-1388 or email her at pureeleganceservice@yahoo.com.