Ignore the distraction of comparison!

Happy and blessed Saturday! 

Sharing a Word from my Confident Woman devotional (Joyce Meyer). I pray it blesses you and will encourage you to work towards your gifts, dreams and callings and ignore the distraction of comparing....2 Cor 10:12

I struggled with this for years. I compared myself to everyone around me and others compared me to others around me. It stemmed initially from being a twin. People always compared us. Who's the prettiest one, who's the nice one, who's the bad one. ..on and on. This led into life comparisons and a depressing spiral of never being good enough. 

Well no more! I got tired of that cycle! 

I asked God to show me how high and deep His love is for me and to help me to be brave enough thru Him to do all I am called to do rather than sitting on the sidelines wishing and comparing. If He did it for me, thank God, then He can do it for us all. Praise God! 

I love you guys~