What itchy spots are YOU hiding?

Hot spots, bald spots and red spots on dogs_0.jpg

So I want to share something that just happened to me...

A week or so ago, I started on the J.J. Smith, 10 Day GSC so that I could detox and heal myself from the inside out. I was constantly experiencing chronic joint pain, fatigue and major sugar cravings.

Well, the cleanse was really effective physically, mentally/emotionally, relationally and spiritually, BUT, one major side effect for me, is that I tend to detox through my skin which is a sign that my liver needs help...(working to heal that piece)....since my skin is going through this detox, I am COVERED in dark, itchy patches and they are just miserable....the blessing is it's winter time and noone can see them because of course, I am wearing sleeves and layers.

Well, tonight, I had to go to the YMCA to meet with a Trainer so that I could get back into caring for my body and working out....well she had to take my measurements, which was fine at first...but then....(CUE THE HORROR MUSIC...) she said, "I need to you to lift your sleeve", okay, that wasn't so bad...it was just one little spot showing....I apologized for it and assured her I was not/am not contagious...BUT THEN...she said, "Okay, I need you to lift your shirt so I can get your back and shoulders....WELL my ENTIRE BACK IS COVERED IN UGLY BLACK ITCHY SPOTS....I was having an internal moment of panic. But I said, "okay, please know that it's REALLY bad"...sigh...She was SO gracious and didn't make a big deal about it AT ALL and was so kind and touched itchy spots to get the accurate measurement. I left feeling so affirmed, knowing I was okay....smile emoticon heart emoticon

As I was walking back to my car....I thought...."How many "itchy spots" and uncomfortable things are we hiding for fear that someone, we know or a stranger may find out? Outwardly, we look fine, but when we have to "lift our shirts" then all of our secrets places are exposed...

I hope as we grow together that I will be a safe place where you can share any "itchy spots" and uncomfortable places and that we in turn will cover your situation with graciousness and kindness so that healing and acceptance can take place.

If you have an "itchy spot that you need help with", let's chat.