Get Unstuck and On Track! (6 Month Minimum)

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itstimeforyourbreakthrough (1).jpg

Get Unstuck and On Track! (6 Month Minimum)


Experience the IMPACT OF CHANGE with this powerful mixture of Coaching YOU to the Breakpoint! This package includes:

  • A complimentary 30-minute phone or video Discovery Session with Dr. Patrice

  • Breakpoint Coaching Self-assessment

  • Weekly One-hour comprehensive goal-focused and strategic coaching sessions (3 Weeks in length)

  • One week practice and implementation phase for maximum effectiveness and outcomes (1 week in length)

  • Unlimited email access

  • Participation in a one monthly Q&A Coaching session where you will share, chat and ask questions with Dr. Patrice and others who are on their respective coaching journey. Calls will last approximately 1 hour and will be recorded. *As scheduled

Rates: Downpayment of $1750 to book initial session and reserve day/time slot. Final balance of $1750 due 24 hours prior to our first session. 

Meeting location: Office/Online/PhoneI will travel to your specific location by appointment (client pays for my airline travel, car rental (if within a 2/hr driving distance from Fayetteville, NC) per diem, meals and lodging)

Timeline:  Clients should expect to commit to  6 months of coaching.

Outcomes: Results vary by client; success is optimal when clients are truly ready for and embrace the process.

Dr. Patrice J. Carter, CPLC

Breakpoint Coaching


Phone: (910) 551-7358

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