SUPERb Woman:  From Bad Girl to God’s Girl  is a devotional and self-guided journey that focuses on worthiness and self-esteem; and a deconstructed view of the Proverbs 31 woman for women of all ages, whether single or married. This book falls under the genre of Christian Self-Help (Nonfiction).

This book is relevant and needed by women within, around and outside of Cumberland County because, women, in particular lack proper mentors and guidance in terms of how to live, work, own businesses, and manage their households from a biblical perspective. This book is based on the example of the Proverbs 31, which provides sound, biblical guidance and instruction on how women can be successful and balanced in every aspect of their lives.

The point of SUPERb woman is that every woman can become this woman of excellence that the Bible speaks of; and, God has given me the ability to pen this in such a way that every woman, regardless of where she finds herself, spiritually, mentally or emotionally, can pick up this book and begin this journey. The end state of this journey is a right and restored relationship with Christ and a more balanced life.

SUPERb Woman is perfect for your Book Club, Women's Ministry, Christian Education Dept. or girlfriends who want to grow together.

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Love, Dr. Patrice J. Carter

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