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I am Dr. Patrice Carter, Certified Christian Life Coach, Founder of Breakpoint Coaching Collective Coach Training, Speaker, Author, Minister and CEO! 

 My mission and vision is to empower, equip and inspire others to live, love and lead authentically! 

My target market is executive and entrepreneurial women who value personal growth and development and who desire to invest in themselves with a Coach who specializes in empowerment, transition and breakthrough!
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“ Dr. Patrice and The Breakpoint Coaching Collective came when I was finding it hard to continue on my coaching journey. I had lost focus and the direction to move forward. To put it in simple terms I was stuck. Dr. Patrice allowed me a place to feel free to be real about where I was. BCC offered me a place to transform in business and my personal life. Dr. Patrice is more than a teacher she is a woman who takes to heart assisting others grow in their God given purpose. If you are looking to become a coach who is effective in helping others move from where they are then BCC and the place to be. Dr. Patrice will equip you in many areas in order for you to walk out your destiny. Don’t miss the opportunity to walk with a woman of excellence.”

Coach Christina Saunders, Graduate of Breakpoint Coaching Collective
“The Break Point Coaching Collective was an AMAZING experience for me! Dr. Patrice Carter is TRULY a ‘Coach’s COACH!’ I gained a WEALTH of information & hands-on training on how to become a more effective Coach along with applicable strategies on how to ‘monetize’ on my coaching & speaking business! I ALSO received many ‘spiritual BREAKTHROUGHS,’ for that, I am eternally GRATEFUL!”

Coach Catherine Newsome, Founder & Coach of 5-Star Lady Corporation, Breakpoint Coaching Collective Graduate
Being under the direction, leadership, mentorship, coaching, and guidance of Dr. Patrice Carter has been transformational both in my life and business. I highly recommend Breakpoint Coaching Collective because through the collective you will go through your own personal metamorphosis that will enhance you and equip more thoroughly for your passion and purpose; as well as transform you into a 5 star quality business executive. Dr. Patrice isn’t just training and equipping but she is midwifing with each participant to birth their vision. She has a personal, hands and heart on approach that you will not find anywhere else. Thank you Dr. Patrice Carter!!
Coach Jasmine Ariel, CLC -Heart of the Matter
Breakpoint Coaching Collective Graduate
BCC was my God send Dream Saver!! At a time when I was in what to me was crisis mode, knowing I had a vision and a dream but had lost direction on how to get there, Dr Carter and BCC turned out to be the perfectly designed navigation system!!!

Coach Toni Gadsden, Seamless Adaptation Coaching, Breakpoint Coaching Collective Graduate