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Breakpoint Coach Training Interest Webinars

Has God called you to become a Christian Life Coach? Do you want to explore this calling more? Are you looking for a program to certify you, help mentor you and show you how to make a living as a Christian Life Coach? 

I developed the Breakpoint Coaching Collective to train Christian Life Coaches on learning how to coach and to mentor them on setting up and launching a successful life coaching business/practice. 

I am hosting free LIVE video interest sessions to help you to explore this awesome call on your life and to find out if me and the Breakpoint Coaching Collective are the right fit for you! 

Join me to learn more, get your questions answered and to say YES to God! 

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*Now accepting Coaches for the 2018 Breakpoint Coaching Collective Certification/Training...

Dr. Patrice J. Carter, CPLC
Founder, Breakpoint Coaching Collective

PLEASE NOTE: Meetings are recorded for record-keeping and attendance purposes.