Beloved, Are YOU tired yet? Are YOU READY to kick fear in the face! 

Tired of living the same life, day in and day out and wondering how you got here? God has endowed us with a natural and supernatural ability to do all things through Him. ­­So…why are you just getting by? Why are you settling for less? Why are you dreams bleeding and dying on the side of the road? I really want to know what happened to you? Who came and ran you off your race? Most importantly, what are you going to do about it?! If you’re not sure, that’s okay. Let’s dream for a moment…together… How would you feel about your life if you woke up and finally felt a sense of peace anda sense of direction? You finally stopped feeling physically, mentally and financially bankrupt? Just think! · Your relationships would change- for the better. · You would have money to pay your bills and to give and to leave a legacy for your family. You could bust out of struggle and into wealth! · You would finally have peace of mind and be done forever with that nagging sense of fear. · Your health would be restored. · You would feel closer to God and able to hear His voice! Home is the place God intended you to be and the place your spirit longs for. I’ve come to help you find your way forward!

NO MORE looking back! We will walk hand in hand together for 8 weeks of intense personal and professional challenges right into your NEW life and your RENEWED SELF! You DON'T HAVE TO DO THIS ALONE anymore. You ARE WORTH IT! Dr. Patrice J. Carter, CPLC Breakpoint Coaching