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I am Dr. Patrice Carter, Certified Christian Life Coach, Speaker and Author. My mission and vision is to empower, equip and inspire others to live, love and lead authentically! 

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My target market is executive and entrepreneurial women who value personal growth and development and who desire to invest in themselves with a Coach who specializes in empowerment, transition and breakthrough!


I am a thought leader in the area of transparency as strength, a certified Christian Life Coach, Speaker, Author and Minister. God has given me many gifts to serve, equip and minister to the marketplace and Body of Christ as a whole. 

I have coached, trained and empowered Executives, Leaders, Celebrities, Government and military personnel, City of Fayetteville, N.C. support staff, Tracey Lynn Jewelry teams, Fayetteville State University and other colleges and universities as well as regional and national workshops geared towards female Entrepreneurs with combined experience of over 26 years. 

My greatest desire is to serve and to empower others to live life authentically, passionately and gracefully! 


Dr. Patrice J. Carter, CPLC

I wanted you to know that I am enjoying your daily words of wisdom reading your last post got me to open my bible and read the scriptures you were talking about. I have’nt read.my bible in a long time Thank You ! I want you to know that you are making a difference in my life and I love and appreiciate you!
D. W.
“Dr. Carter helped me to become more self-aware, confident and able to breakthrough the things that were holding me back!”
“Coaching empowered me to learn about myself and to achieve things with God’s help!”
I am really looking forward to these everyday! I have been doing your workbook and love it so much!! It was such a pleasure meeting you last year and I love the humor and pure honesty in your messages!